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Leeds Guide Magazine

Saturday 31st January 2004: Hype Dark @ The Basement, Leeds.

..."One Nations Steppa and Legends of the Dark Black spinner, Ruckspin were in charge of part two of the party. A blazing back to back from the drum and bass specialists had the duo dropping plastic like dynamite. The two set to play again, swapping and blending their selection of tracks, creating a crisp backdrop for freestyle rhyming from Gusto and Drop."

Words: Katrina Huntley.


Leeds Student Newspaper - Juice Magazine (November 2003)

..."Solid, straight up, and dedicated to the dance floor, DJ Steppa's upfront audio assaults have fired up the local d'n'b scene for the past three years, with the highly charged 21 year old establishing himself as a firm favourite in both Leeds and Huddersfield." > Click here to read the full article

Words: Allan McGrath.


Knowledge Magazine - Stars in their Eyes (August 2003)

To study at Uni, I moved up to Leeds from London 10 months ago. Eager to get ravin’ in my new city I check out the big DnB nights and found that Steppa’s name was never absent from a flyer, and now after seeing him play at numerous events such as Tremorz, Event Horizon and Sub Dub, I know why. Every set I have had the pleasure of witnessing, he has never failed to hype up the crowd. He often steals the limelight from the bigger named DJ’s, as I think he has his own original and unique style. His mixing is seamless, playing fresh dub-plates and cheekily teasing all my favourite anthems over the top, not forgetting some explosive double dropping!

Words: Katie.


Absolute Leeds Magazine - DJ of the Month (April 2003)

..."I went down to The Fruit Cupboard to check out Steppa - Leeds No.1 Drum and Bass DJ smashing the place the place to pieces with the most cutting edge tunes." > Click here to read the full article

Words: Claire Morris.


4clubbers.net Website

March 27th 2003: Aftermath Promotions presents 'The Boys from Brazil' @ The Space, Leeds.

..."At 12pm I decided to migrate to the main room where Leeds own up and coming drum and bass DJ, Steppa was beginning his set on the decks. I find his style of drum and bass so good because it’s uplifting with an edge of darkness to it and always gets the crowd dancing. By this time the club was pretty much full and very very busy, but you could still find some room to dance (Which was fine by me!). Steppa’s set certainly got the crowd worked up and by this time I’d worked up quite a sweat myself. Going out to drum and bass and dancing is like doing a really intense aerobic workout, or at least you certainly feel like you have!! By the end of his set the dance floor is buzzing with movement, Steppa’s work here is done and you can see why he’s destined to go far!"

Words: Nia Reeves.



4clubbers.net Website

..."Steppa as he is more commonly known is the next big thing in Drum and Bass. At only 20 years old he has begun to establish himself firmly within the drum & bass scene in England with events such as Event Horizon and One Nation in London and has played worldwide in countries such as Estonia, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden and even America. He's one of Leeds' finest up and coming Drum & Bass DJs - with a style that's refreshing and that he describes as "cutting edge dance floor Drum & Bass" this young man is destined to go very far indeed. I went to meet him for a drink and to talk all about the bass." > Click here to read the full interview

Words: Nia Reeves.


Leeds Guide Magazine

February 23rd 2003: Play Music, Leeds.

..."An afternoon shop soiree transformed into an all-out party by 3pm Sunday, as a stream of Drum and Bass from the gifted Jungle junior Steppa had the shop jumping early doors."

Words: Katrina Huntley.


Leeds Guide Magazine

February 23rd 2003: Play Music 'Internet Launch Party' @ Dr Wu's, Leeds.

..."The final scene saw the venue in a roaring frenzy with steam visibly pouring from Dr. Wu’s where the excitement from Steppa had taken over."

Words: Katrina Huntley.


4clubbers.net Website

February 11th 2003: Tremorz @ The Think Tank, Leeds.

..."The final set was played by DJ Steppa who is the local up and coming talent in drum and bass, having played at Event Horizon, One nation and a number of other events both in the UK and abroad. This boy is sure to break the scene with some force. His set was made up of energetic beats and filthy basslines and the crowd certainly seemed to like his style - they didn’t stop dancing until the very end. This 20 year old groundbreaking DJ and producer certainly rocked the place and was my personal favourite from the night. I found his style of drum and bass quite different to anything I’d heard before and definitely got me dancing and the rest of the club too!".

Words: Nia Reeves.


Leeds Guide Magazine

February 11th 2003: Tremorz @ The Think Tank, Leeds.

..."Next up is Steppa, Leeds' own little roughneck star who, at only 20, has clobbered the rhythmic world and tonight is offering another example of his unrivalled ease on the decks. The combination of seamless mixes and rushes of Drum's & Basses ensures that all are up off their seats, and as the night approaches its final phases the crowd are eager for an encore".

Words: Katrina Huntley.


Knowledge Magazine

February 11th 2003: Tremorz @ The Think Tank, Leeds.

..."Finishing for the night was resident DJ Steppa. Still young, he proved again why he's had such a fast rise towards the top of the new age DJs. Mixing upfront tracks alongside crowd pleasers, Steppa completed the icing on this sweet, sweet cake".

Words: TST.


One Nation

February 8th 2003: One Nation @ The Brixton Academy, London.
Main arena features DJ's: Mickey Finn, L Double, Adam F, J Majik, ED Rush, Optical, Bad Company, Hype, Andy C, Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket, Loxy, Ink, Bailey, Fluid, Steppa. MC's: Skibadee, Shabba' D, Fearless, IC3, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Foxy, Fat Man' D, EKS Man, Herbzie.


Drum & Bass Arena Website

October 28th 2002: Event Horizon presents 'The Knowledge Magazine Sessions - Part 1' @ Majestyx, Leeds.

..."As usual it was Steppa's job to get the party started, and boy does that boy do his job well. You'd have to go a long to way to find a warm-up DJ of his quality, forget that, you'd have to go a long way to find a DJ of his quality. Double drop after double drop, personal dub-plate after personal dub-plate, and the boy's only nineteen! The peak of his set came forty five minutes in when he dropped Aquasky's 'Blow Your Mind' and Total Science's 'Nosher' which totally filled the dance floor and got the night positively rollin'. Remember the name DJ Steppa, and trust me when I say the boy's gonna go far... On the mic accompanying Steppa was MC Wrec, whose clear and crisp hip-hop style lyrics definitely sounded good in places, but the partnership didn't come close to challenging the customary Steppa and Mojo show. You can catch them at the next Event Horizon on the 4th November. MC Foxy joined in over the end of Steppa's set with his first-rate mixture of fast and slow paced lyrics".

Words: Jho @ Dogs on Acid.



Fantasy Island NYE 2002/2003

December 31st 2002: Fantasy Island 'NYE 2002/2003', Skegness.
Drum and Bass arena features DJ's: Goldie, EZ Rollers, Adam F, Kenny Ken, Donovan Smith, Nicky Blackmarket, SS, Steppa, Transit Mafia. MC's: P-Fine, MC MC, Fred-E.


One Nation, Switzerland

November 1st 2002: One Nation 'Switzerland Edition' @ Rohstofflager, Zurich (Switzerland).
International Guest DJ's: Optical, Steppa, Dready. International Guest MC's: Foxy, EKS Man, Herbzie. Resident DJ's: Finestyle, Chronic, George Gee, Paradizer, Alex.


One Nation, Germany

November 30th 2002: One Nation 'German Edition' @ Markthalle, Hamberg (Germany).
International Guest DJ's: Brockie, Shimon, Marcus Intalex, Steppa. International Guest MC's: Foxy, Fat Man' D, Mojo, Herbzie, Shortston. Resident DJ's: Loo-P, MTC Yaw, ND, Diaz. Resident MC's: Soultrain, Macka' E, Stunnah' D, Mex' E.


Knowledge (August 2000)

..."At only 17, Steppa, is fast becoming one of the scene's brightest young stars with a potentially massive future ." > Click here to read the full article

Words: Gareth Cotton.